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  • Brighton beach bathing Boxes

  • Burke and Wills
    Burke and Wills : Burke and Wills were Australian explorers who perished while exploring the land between central Australia and the Gulf of Carpenteria in 1860.

  • Flinders Street Station
    Flinders Street Station - Organised Chaos : Platform 1 at Flinders Statition, is the Longest Railway Platform in Australia

  • Luna Park Melbourne
    What A Scream : Luna Park Melbourne was the first In 1926 Luna Park Installed Australia's First Dodgem Car Ride

  • Melbourne
    Garden City - Melbourne was named in honour of the British Prime Minister , Viscount Melbourne (1835-1841).

  • Sir Redmond Barry
    Sir Redmond Barry : Sir Redmond Barry would be best remembered as the British Colonial Judge that sent Ned Kelly to his death.

  • Westgate Bridge
    Built at a Price - Westgate Bridge : Second Longest Bridge in Australia