Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

There are 82 Brighton Beach Bathing boxes in Bayside, and they have become the area's most loved tourist attraction. Lining the white sandy beachfront the brightly decorated boxes have become one of the areas most sought after pieces of real estate. The boxes can be found nestled together on the Dendy Street Beach in Melbourne's Bayside district.
The bathing boxes date back to the 1880's and were built with  timber framing, weatherboards and gabled corrugated iron roofs. The simple classical Victorian style structures do not feature any service amenities such as water or electricity, they are simply licencensed bathing boxs and have remained just that, for over a century.  In 1906, when the single line tram from St Kilda to Brighton Beach began operation, it triggered an increase in applications for bathing box permits. As all the boxes were built of a similar scale and proportion it was inevitable that many licensees would come up with artistic ways to differentiate their box from others. The boxes soon became a colourful contrast to the white sand and transformed the beachscape into what seems like a collective piece of art, attracting artists, photographers and visitors alike to take in the splendor.  It is estimated there are over 1800 bathing boxes in the Port Phillip Bay and Western Port area but it is the Brighton Beach bathing boxes which are the most famous and most recognised.
Beach bathing boxes have been around for centuries and can still be found along British , French  and Italian coastlines.